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SmugMug Films is a celebration of the photographers who inspire and amaze us.

Bella Kotak

Photographer Bella Kotak

The Fabric of Fantasy

Bella Kotak’s fine-art-meets-fashion portraiture showcases the fantastic world that lives just at the edge of our vision. Using a rich palette of clothing, props, models, and scenery to paint her compositions, Bella’s work lifts the veil between our world and the one in which her imagination thrives.

Kristina Makeeva

Photographer Kristina Makeeva

Imagination Unbound

Kristina Makeeva dreams with her eyes open. Giving life to her whimsical imagination as a child, she reimagines the sprawling wilds of Siberia as dreamscapes where anything feels possible. Contrasting natural light and settings with surreal subjects and pops of technicolor, Makeeva captures what happens when you blur the line between the tangible and intangible—the ethereal and the real—and when you stop seeing and start dreaming.

Lizzy Gadd

Photographer Lizzy Gadd

The Nature of a Self-Portrait Artist

Echoing the energy of her emotions, self-portrait landscape photographer Lizzy Gadd brings life to the vast landscape of the Scottish Highlands. Wearing vibrant colors, she creates contrast against a backdrop of wilderness, becoming the human element within Mother Nature’s playground. In stark opposition with the scene, Lizzy becomes a portrait of the human experience—exposed and wild.

Alan Schaller

Photographer Alan Schaller

Streets in Mind

From the shadows of a cityscape, street photographer Alan Schaller composes narratives out of the chaos around him. Limiting the noise of his surroundings, he imagines the stories that spaces want to tell. Searching for contrast—a striking person passing in a crowd or a flock of birds suddenly taking flight—Alan captures the harmony of life’s unpredictability by simply observing.

Karen Hutton

Photographer Karen Hutton

Framing the Journey

A lifetime of capturing moments of awe leads Karen Hutton to autumn in Piran, Slovenia. Losing herself in nature’s expressions, her photos act as an extension of herself and the ways she experiences the world. Karen’s magical photos don’t happen from simply traveling to beautiful places—they’re created by fully immersing all her senses, from the inspirent moments to the final frame.

Omar Z Robles

Photographer Omar Z Robles

Pointe of Focus

For Omar Z Robles, to be different is to be extraordinary. Leaning on his background in performance arts, Robles captures the beauty of ballet dancers using the vibrant streets of Rio de Janeiro as their stage. The familiar background strips away the barrier between subject and viewer, daring you to explore the power of being different.

Jerry Business

Photographer Jerry Business

Little Toys, Big World

Jerry Business doesn't care about your standards. His gear, his craft, his vision are exactly that: his. The iPhone-first photographer specializes in the miniature. Using meticulously chosen angles and antique toys and figurines, he blends the micro with the macro to create tiny stories in a modern world. Join him on the ground floor of his creations and see the world like never before.

Chris Burkard

Photographer Chris Burkard

Arctic Swell - Surfing the Ends of the Earth

Photographer Chris Burkard and Professional Surfers Patrick Millin, Brett Barley, and Chadd Konig brave sub-zero temperatures in the Arctic Circle to capture moments of raw beauty in conditions that rank among the harshest in the natural world. The bitterly cold seas and wind exact a large price on their minds and bodies, but the reward - adventure, amazement, and self-knowledge - draws them closer together and pushes them to tackle the next frontier in surfing.

Eric Wolfinger

Photographer Eric Wolfinger

Beyond the Plate

If you want to tell a human story, the best place to start is at the table. Watch as photographer Eric Wolfinger takes us on an incredible journey far beyond the kitchen’s reach to discover stories around the world while forging his own.

Tim Kemple

Photographer Tim Kemple

Climbing Ice - The Iceland Trifecta

Photographer Tim Kemple and two world-class climbers push the boundaries of their comfort zone by attempting to climb Iceland as it’s never been climbed before.

Blake Jorgenson

Photographer Blake Jorgenson

The Cold Open

The relentless pursuit of chance is what lures mountain sports photographer Blake Jorgenson into rare alpine air with nothing but his camera, a vision, and a little luck. See him capture sublime moments in Whistler's frozen backcountry.

Easton Chang

Photographer Easton Chang

The Art of Style and Speed

The roar of the engine. The curves of the body. The power behind the wheel. Easton Chang captures the heart, soul, and beauty of automobiles through his photography. Get an eyeful of gorgeous cars through his lens, but buckle up tight first.

Elia Locardi

Photographer Elia Locardi

Nomadic Photographic

Escape the day-to-day routine with traveling photographers Elia and Naomi Locardi as they explore what this world has to offer and awaken wanderlust and personal discovery.

Paolo Cascio

Photographer Paolo Cascio

A Tribute to Valor

Follow Paolo Cascio as he embarks on a journey to photograph and document four of the five remaining survivors of the USS Arizona at the 75th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor. There they give their final salute to their fallen shipmates.

Dave Powell

Photographer Dave Powell

Point, Click, ShootTokyo

Follow Dave Powell, street photographer behind the popular blog ShootTokyo, as he walks the neon-lit streets of Tokyo capturing the unique historic and cutting edge juxtaposition the city and its inhabitants offer up nightly.

Brent Gilmore

Photographer Brent Gilmore

Just a Dad with a Camera

Brent Gilmore has worn many hats during his lifetime, but none so fulfilling as that of dad. See how he photographs his family’s tender, wonderful moments and learn how he keeps them safe for his children and future generations.

Trey Ratcliff

Photographer Trey Ratcliff

Passport through Morocco

Join photographer, artist, and explorer Trey Ratcliff as he travels through the ancient and otherworldly Moroccan cities of Fez and Chefchaouen, capturing the amazing sights, sounds and smells of these magical places.

Renee Robyn

Photographer Renee Robyn

Dreams of a Digital Artist

After a devastating motorcycle crash left her almost paralyzed, Renee Robyn turned to Photoshop to create surreal and mysterious worlds that stretch the boundaries of imagination. Though her body was immobile, her mind was free to fly.

Elena Shumilova

Photographer Elena Shumilova

Capturing the Magic of Youth

Last year, Elena Shumilova took photos of her sons in the Russian countryside and put them online. Those photos struck magic and went viral with over 60 million views. She invited SmugMug onto her farm in Russia, where we got a behind-the-scenes look at how she captures these beautifully nostalgic photos.

Benjamin Von Wong

Photographer Benjamin Von Wong

Creativity Is A Way Of Life

Benjamin Von Wong quit his high-paid day job as a Mining Engineer to create photography full-time. His images transport viewers to another world of fantasy and mystery, thereby stretching their understanding of what’s possible. For his part, Benjamin lives every day knowing that he’s doing what he’s meant to be doing.

Jessica Ambats

Photographer Jessica Ambats

Pulse-Pounding Aerial Photography

A behind-the-scenes look at how photographer Jessica Ambats captures the beauty of flight. Jessica specializes in air-to-air photography, a high-stakes type of aerial photography that involves shooting from an airplane with the doors removed while the plane being photographed flies as close as 20 feet away. Do not try this at home.

Scott Kelby

Photographer Scott Kelby

Photographer. Author. Educator.

Scott Kelby believes "you never go wrong by doing the right thing." And from what we’ve seen, he’s done a lot of things right. Peek behind the curtain to learn more about the man who built an educational empire - while staying true to his passions as a photographer and family man.

Sarah Lee

Photographer Sarah Lee

Capturing What You Can’t Control

Water photographer Sarah Lee loves the unpredictability of nature and creates art that captures the interplay of people, water, and light. Unlike other forms of photography, where pixels are painstakingly crafted, Sarah embraces what she can’t control and uses her photography to find beauty in the chaos.


SmugMug Films Awards and Accolades

Bannf Mountain Finalist 2014
Carolina Surf Film Festival Official Selection
Florida Surf Best Cinematagaphic Short 2014
San Jose International Short Film Festival Official Selection 2014
Wavescape Festival Official Selection 2014
Winner Best Short Film Why Not? Adventure Film Festival 2014


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